New Carquinez Bridge

Metallurgical Engineering

  • Develop rational approaches to structural integrity.
  • Develop detailing for dynamically-loaded structures.
  • Apply fitness-for-service analysis to determine least-cost, safe disposition of cracks and damage.
  • Specify materials based on properties, corrosion, fabricability and cost.
  • Develop custom specifications that ensure design properties at lowest overall cost.

Welding Engineering

  • Develop and review welding procedures to ensure design properties and conformance to code.
  • Define inspection strategies, and specify construction and in-service examinations.
  • Develop optimum fabrication strategies while anticipating and solving fabrication problems early.
  • Develop optimum repair strategies.
  • Supervise critical welding and repairs.

Technical Training

  • Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) Training (including welding technology, hands-on & code)
  • In-house training on steel construction technology (e.g., steel, welding, & inspection technology, welding codes)
  • Seminars developed from Client’s outlines (e.g, welding, inspection, codes, construction technology for engineers)

Forensic Engineering

  • Site investigations of structural failures
  • Metallurgical investigations of service damage and failures
  • Expert Witness and Expert Consulting to attorneys