Welding, Inspection, Metallurgical & Code Technology Training for Engineers, Fabricators & Erectors

NEW! Richmond Training Facility now open for small seminars and workshops.

Custom developed seminars and workshops integrated into your Company’s Quality and Management Systems

Seminars and Workshops Customized to your Company’s needs

  • Start from your Outline of Topics and schedule duration
  • Topics can include:
    • Welding (processes, selection, considerations specific to Company)
    • Welding Procedures (Overview; Prequalified WPSs; WPS & PQR development, checking and/or review)
    • Metallurgy (base metal and weld metal; properties; heat treatments)
    • Fabrication (distortion, heat straightening, tolerances)
    • Visual Inspection (Codes; hands-on use for familiarity and/or inspector training)
    • Non-destructive Inspection / Testing (Overview; Methods; Applications)
    • Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Review of Company procedures; Integration of Company Quality Management System into relevant parts of seminar.)
    • Welding and Construction Codes (D1.1, D1.5, D1.x, API 1104, ASME B&PV Sec. IX etc.)
    • Welding symbols (Standard symbols; Recommended practice for design drawings vs. shop drawings)
    • Detailing practices (Lamellar tearing; Distortion; Access for welder and inspection),
    • Detailing and other considerations for structures subject to fatigue, seismic, cold temperatures, etc.
    • Evaluation and discussion of Company’s specific components, joint details, and fabrication or other issues.
  • Duration and Emphasis for each topic is based on your concept. The outline, duration and emphasis is developed through interactive refinement of content outline.
  • Timing and Schedule based on Company’s needs
  • Held at Company’s site or at new Richmond Training Center.
  • Click Here for a sample outline of a recent 3-day seminar for an engineering and construction firm.

Click here for Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) examination preparation course

Attendees and client firms have nearly always rated my seminars and workshops as “Excellent.”
References available on request.